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Aman tanpa perang,
Ammanda Elydia.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

The very first step into TATI.


Hmm. 30 May 2012 was the date I first step into the TATI. This is where I will undergo my preparation for medic to Russia. InsyaAllah. :)

The first time I enter my room, I was so shocked! What is this place? The condition was quite saddening. Why? Dust was everywhere. The floor broke into small pieces of semen. The cupboard. The window. The.. The.. The.. Maybe Allah is testing me. Maybe Allah want me to be grateful on anything I received. So, be strong girl! :)

After some briefing, we had a tour around the college. The library is nice. The classroom is comfortable. The cafe is clean. The hostel is far far far away from everything mentioned above. The ...What? Yes, yes, yes. When I said far, I mean it. T.T *I'm gonna lose some weight here. That is for sure. :P

Our class started on Saturday. So, we had some free time! Mesra Mall, here we come! Hahaha. Waiting for the bus and after 2 hours of patience waiting, came the van. Aishhhh. Standing in the middle of Mesra Mall, did not know where to head, me and Fara my new roommate) decided to watch a movie. Hafiz was also there with his siblings but they watched another movie. 

Ohh, yes. I watched Men In Black 3. The movie was quite nice and it included the value of friendship too! I cried a little. Lol. While waiting for the van to pick us up, I massaged Hafiz and asked him whether we can meet for a while at least for the last time before everybody would be very busy. Yes, I met him. *don't you ever forget me, Hafiz! :)

As we didn't eat anything at Mesra Mall, we reached TATI with a very hungry tummy begging for some food. We walked to the cafe, yes the very far-far-away cafe. Guess what? The cafe was closed for three days! Ohh my. What am I gonna eat till this Sunday? O__o"

We end up eating the Maggie and decided to fast for this three days. Really need to find way to find food. 

Keep calm and patience. Rezeki ada di mana-mana. :')


  1. hehe. pengalaman baru :)

  2. Good Luck Manda! heeee,,, ENJOY urself there! hee =)

    1. erkkk. enjoy? i will... study3! russia, ere i come!!!

  3. Good luck Manda :) Kesusahan hari ni sebenarnya nak ajar Manda how to survive kat luar nanti . Be strong :)

    1. betul tu q.ahin. manda da mula reda da. n da mula bersabar teima semua ea. alaa, bkn hal bsr pon. so, x patot la manda nak bsing2 lbh kn. hmmm.