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Friday, 3 August 2012

Iftar with YT scholars at Awana.


"Erkkk~" Alhamdulillah kenyang. :)

First of all, I would like to wish a zillion lemon of thank you to:
Yayasan Terengganu
Syaza and Apih
Pihak yang terlibat secara tidak langsung*ada ke?

Today, I had an iftar with all my scholarmates at Awana Kijal Resort. All those name I mentioned in the list 'hits carta terhebat' above were the one that involved a lot in handling this program. From the sponsor, the transport, bla3... SO, thank you a lot! I think I will be satiated until break fast tomorrow. Lol.

Okey, lets the pictures tell you the story. :)

In the bus, before departure. with Fara.

Meet the tablemate. The most right is Zai. The new student who will also  fly to Volgo. 

Heyy, that's me!*peace

The three gorgeous! :3

Smile! :)

Pinky-pinky girls! ^o^

...and again, the gorgeous!

Moscorians to-be.

Volgorians to-be.

The boys. Yes, only this 7. :p

Roommates A113. :)

Roommates A111. :)

This is what we call a plate of happiness. :3

Some desserts. Some? Lol.

...and more desserts! Hehehe~

Fara and Sam. :)
Then, everyone some of us left to perform the Maghrib prayer in one of the hotel's room. The room was very beautiful, nice, tidy and cool. Lets proceed to the next picture!

Me and Kak Farah

Kak Mayamin, me and Kak Farah. :)

Fara, Yu Chin and me!

Le me and Syaza. I heart you dear! ^_^
Actually, this entry should be posted yesterday but as I was so full, I fell asleep right away as I reached my room. Till here, bye!


  1. chantekkk !! hahaha..
    huaaaa !! suke3 yg dlm crta hits thebad 2..hahaha

    1. hak3! tak ingat nak tag link tros.. aiyaaaa.. hoho! suke sngat laaa dye dpt msuk list.. haha.. lain kli manda tag neyhh.. kasi naik follower!! :P