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Blog ini juga ada menggunakan perkataan aku sebagai penulis yang mana mungkin kasar dan tak mesra bunyinya. Sorry not sorry, this is my style.

Aman tanpa perang,
Ammanda Elydia.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

I'm going to BTN!


Tomorrow is Nuzul Quran Day and tomorrow I will also go to BTN!

BTN stands for BiroTataNegara. Waa, I'm going to BTN already. I'm going to Russia!

Done packing this afternoon and now I'm sitting in front of the laptop, spending all the time I have to online as I will not going to bring my laptop there for sure. Ohh yes, I won't bring my camera too. So, I don't think I will write anything about BTN on my return here. Maybe? :3

As what I heard before, no HANDPHONE is allowed. OMG! How come mehh? I am so dead by tomorrow. I can't live without my handphone by my side. Not even a second!*over. Lets see what will happen tomorrow.

I'm so afraid thinking of going to BTN and I don't know why I'm so afraid. Lololol~