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Ammanda Elydia.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Preparatory course done!


After a few months of Russian language classes, or to make it more accurate, half a year or 6 months, at last, I finished my preparatory course successfully. I repeat, SUCCESSFULLY. Alhamdulillah!

Yeah, after a lot of hard work, study, study, study, ..., ..., I got it! I tell you, to gain a success, even though it is just a little-tiny-miny success, you still had to WORK HARD. Phewww.. *work hard la sangat. :p

The writing test was held on 24th December and the oral was on 27th December. Hmm, and praise be to god, I succeed to get 5! Say what?! Only 5? Dah itu yang paling tinggi.. tu je laa.. tak kan nak 6 kot.. melampau bebenor. -,-

Ok, I don't mean to boast here. Just, want to share how I feel when I knew that I got that "5". Ohh, Alhamdulillah! I cried in my solah, in my prayer. Giving thanks to Allah. How much I thank HIM, for this small little present. Thank you Allah! :')

But, despite of all that, enjoying the giving I received, I still do feel sad. Why? Why should I? Because... my friend, actually some of them didn't received 5. Yeah, it's easy to say that it is ok, you've done well, bla3.... but, i'm not in their shoes. I do feel the sadness, but I can't really feel the pain as they do. Sorry. :(

However, when this thing happens to me, I will always and always and always think like this:
"Why do you had to feel sad? It is destined that you get what ever you get. You have done your very best and yet, you also had relied everything to god. Remember, Allah looks at our efforts. How much we put on it and not on our result. Allah is the best planner. He give what is the best for you. Rest assured in Allah. Then, why must be sad? Take it, accept it. Thank Him for whatever you get."
Life doesn't end there. Wake up, pick up all the pieces. keep moving on!

.... and she smiles :)


The first sem of first year of medic lifewill start on 9 December 201 and on 10 December 2012, we have to sit for one entrance exam. ENGLISH TEST. Ohh man! Wish me luck! ;)