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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

How I Spent My 2 Weeks Holiday?-Part 1


Did you realize that I updated a lot few days back? Woaa! Ammanda Elydia had never been so diligent before. *clap hands*

Okey, this post I would like to share about my Two weeks hoilday and how I had spent them. Just some outing with friends, date with buddies. Small picnic hear n there.

Lets begin with the picture below.

me and Nisa.
Okey, this holiday we decided to go to Kitai Gorad a.k.a. China Town. We went there by mashrut(one of the main transport here). As we reached there, we were so shocked. Haaa? O____o? That Kitai Gorad was not like what we expected. I thought that Kitai Gorad was like Uptown in Malaysia. *facepalm*

But, we still went in there and had some window shopping. There were a lot of clothes, bags and shoes and they were all beautiful and affordable. However, as for me, with the same price as at the Targovi Centre, I prefered TC much more than this place.

Feeling kind of disappointed, we decided to go to Akvarel, one of the mall that is so big, just opened and sold a lot of things with low prices.*shining eyes*

me in front of Ashan.
The weather was so hot! Sunglasses were my best friend now. ;)
When there and shopped for some clothes. shoes and ohh yes! I bought myself a cactus! When I bought the cactus had some pink flowers and they were still blooming beautifully but now there were all died. I don't really know why. Maybe Im not good at ths kind of farming works. Maybe..?

Didn't take any pictures at Ashan, so as we reached our hostel, we decided to take some pictures here. Lol.

End for the day.

to be continued.....

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