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Friday, 17 May 2013

How I Spent My 2 Weeks Holiday?-Part 2


continue from the previous entry..

Tulips in Russia.

On the next day, we went for a walk at Alley Geroy and Naberezhnaya, near the Volga river. Actually, my intention was to do some exercises but we end up doing some photoshooting hee. Lol.

This is at Ploshad Povshikh Bartsov.

There are so many tulips with different colours we can see along the road.

My roommate is GWIYOMI! ^_^

Below were some pictures near the Naberezhnaya.

Athlete of the day! XD
Me with the camera owner, Nisa. :)

Skipping with friends. :)

The story ends here.

to be continued again.....

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