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Sunday, 19 May 2013

How I Spent My 2 Weeks Holiday?-Part 3


the story continues...

Huhh. Too many stories to be told. Okey, this entry is all about Dein Pabeydi a.k.a Victory Day in Russia.

The story begins like this, our lecture group was assigned with some activites need to be done on this day that was watching the ceremony or anything happened during the Victory Day and we need to tell back the story to our teacher.

However, on the morning we woke up late and were not able to see some perfomances by the army, the marching, the band etc. So, how are we going to story the events to Alaa(our class teacher)? T__T

A group of Russian singers.

Dance in a circle.

People were everywhere!

More and more and more performances.

Booth selling some souvenirs. :)

A choir by old people. Hew3! :3

This man invited us to dance together and we were like errr.....

This girl was super awesome. Very talented with the hula-hoop.

Some kind of tradisional dance. Woohoo!

Looking for a picnis site. Wee!

Home made fried noodles by Zai. Yummy! ^_^

Those tire face. Lol.
to be continued...

Again? Haha XD

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