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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Yayasan Terengganu 1st Year Students Picnic 1.0


This was the last event happened during this two weeks holiday and this events was the most exciting event ever happened to me. Tho best! :)

Lets proceed to the pictures!


MC's in the house..! ;)

...and the games begin! :D

the LADY GAGA! haha XD


Come n find me. hew3! :3

Our cute turtle. *guess who I am*:P

Time keeper. It's me! :)

BBQ time! wuwwuwuu~

The best cook ever. Lol. Thank you guys!

Ready to be eaten! Yummy!

Photography session was not to be forgotten. ;)

le gurls~

and again.... le gurls~

my beloved batch mates! love them till the end~ <3

 Semoga ukhuwah ini terus mekar mengharum ke taman firdausi...

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