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Sunday, 25 August 2013

summer practical 2013 in Volgograd.


Hye there! It has been a looooong time since my last entry right? Huh. With all these things happening here n there, I still don't have anything to post? Mehh.

Since I have a few things to be shared here(mostly about my experience of course), so I think that I will put all my words here in this post starting from the day I had my practical in Volgograd, Russia for about 1 month.

Ok, here we go.

I started my therapy practical on 3rd of June. In this practical I've learned about 15 diets for patients, some information about the hospital and most of my 2 weeks of therapy practical is all about injection. Yes, I've learned about how to give people proper injection but of course I'm still not brave enough to give injections to the people. When will I ever be braver than before?


By the way, the doctor who was in charged to teach us was always busy. That's why we learned about injections almost 2 weeks and the time passed by just like that. But, I don't really care as I had a lot of free time to do my own stuff(shopping as usual. muehehe :P). Ohh, btw the doctor is handsome! Ihik!

My group with the handsome doctor. ;)
The next two weeks was surgery practical and we studied in the urology department. That's mean, all the surgery was about the urinary system.

So, I watched 2 surgery in 2 weeks. The first one is about removing some kind of tumour in the male part or something like that. The surgeon inserted some kind of instrument into the patients penis and we all watched the surgery through the monitor. It was interesting but kind of boring. Huhuu. :3

The next surgery is about removing the prostate. Uuuuu. Lots of blood here and there and I felt like fainting. Eheww. The doctor in charge for me was quite strict but he has beautiful blue eyes. I adore those eyes. :3

Hmmm. I think this post has been quite long n I think that I will continue my story maybe on the next post. Maybe. Ehehe..

Till here. Adiosss!

Pray for Palestine, pray for Syria, pray for Mesir, pray for muslims all over the world! ;)

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