Blog ni hanyalah mengenai rentetan hidup, luahan hati dan tempat curahan segala idea dan pendapat penulis.

Blog ini juga ada menggunakan perkataan aku sebagai penulis yang mana mungkin kasar dan tak mesra bunyinya. Sorry not sorry, this is my style.

Aman tanpa perang,
Ammanda Elydia.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Faking it.

* * *

When you walk too fast, you'll walk alone.

When you walk too slow, you'll be left behind.

When you stay, you see they keep walking. 


when you run, trying to catch up, they are no longer there.

* * *

I hate this. I hate it when my heart speaks louder than my mind, and then those tear drops, they keep rolling and rolling.

I hate this. I hate it when I am this easy. Easy to break, burst and cry. But all I hear is just a pure still and silence.

I hate this. I hate it when I have to pretend strong, to be strong, to fake my smile so that no one would ask me, am I okay, and by then I will never cry again, on the outside.

Ahhh I should have realised this earlier, I don't belong here, I don't belong with them. I just don't. I am not complete.

* * *

Ohh who is that?

A strong girl, with a fake smile.

"Keep faking it girl.. Keep faking.."

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