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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

2017 New Year Resolution(s)?

Well.. Hello there..

So every year, people would ask me what is my new year resolution. Hmm. I don't want to set up any resolutions or targets. Not because I'm demotivated or what. Just because..

No reason.

All I wish is my life would be better this year.

More laughters, smiles, be it me or people around me. No more tears, no more breaking and crumbling down. It's time to build myself back. I'll come back stronger, better this year. I should. No pressure though. ;)


Letting go, really really really letting go of 'those' memories so that I could live a happy life this time.
Creating more great, definitely a good one more. Build trust, love more, communicate more. Make things work! Make it happens. Slowly but surely. :)


Yeah, it was a tragedy last year, and this year let's make it better. One thing I learned, the very hard way, EXPECTATIONS HURT. THEY KILL. Forgive and forget, practice it, make it a habit. Girl, you know you can forgive them but you know you won't forget it. Try, you'll be there.


Ohh one more, road to 50kg before summer break! Hahaha What?

There you go, I think all those can be considered resolutions aye? Now, I have some.
No pressure though. Hiks!


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