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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Bank Negara Interview


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Yeay, I'm so happy! I'm happy because I felt relieve after I managed to go through the interview. Pheww! There are some reasons why I do feel very-very-very happy right now. *saspen... Hehe :) I don't really know how to start. Ok, it begins like this...


The night before, my ibu asked me whether I'm going for the interview tomorrow or not. She said, if I want to go, be prepared early in thee morning. After asking advices from here and there, then i decided to take the challenge! If I don't get the scholarship, at least I will gain some experience right? So, go for it!

So, early in the morning, I got ready and to Bank Negara we went! As I reached there, I felt like my legs were trembling hard, my hand shaking vigorously and my heart beat so fast and it felt as it would jump out of my chest in any time.

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Okey, lets proceed to the first test. For the first one, we were required to write 2 essays. they gave us 4 questions, 2 in Malay and another 2 was in English. We have to choose 1 each. The questions I had chose were 'Beri pendapat anda tentang rakyat Malaysia di luar negara dapat mempromosikan negara dalam pelbagai aspek di peringkat antarabangsa' and 'Credit card is more to a trend than need. Discuss.' Something like that.

Then, I started to write and I noticed that I can't write anything. I was so bank back there. I tried to write as much as I could. When I looked around, I noticed, how long the others had wrote. I looked back at mine. I realized that i could not make it. With the bad handwriting, I know, it had came to the end. T.T

After we submitted the essays, starts the individual test.

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OMG! I think, this was the hardest part of all. We were given with 3 choices of question. If I was not mistaken, they sound like these:

1. Creativity or efficiency. Which is more important?
2. Facebook is the place to speak up your mind. Explain your view.
3. Success factor: which is more important, IQ or EQ?

I chose no1. They also gave us some time to prepare and yes, I did prepare but I know, my preparation was not good enough and I was so nervous because of that, I kept going to the toilet for several time. As my turn was the last one for my group, I still had enough time to be prepared mentally.

When my name was called, I stood up, and walked in bravely. I think I had presented very well even though my English ruin it all. *sigh...

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Then, lets proceed to the next session. It was interview session. This was the time for any of us to express our self, to show how talented and excellent we were back at school. Hehh. It felt like you're boasting about yourself and it does not feel good. -_-"

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Okey, the next session would be group presentation. Weee~ For this time, we had to worked in a group and   tried to solve the case given. Everybody had their own role and mine was treasurer! I knew I didn't play my role very well. I noticed that my suggestions were not agreed by them. I tried to give another suggestion, and they seem to reject them too. I decided to follow their flow. *sigh..

Then, guess what? All those idea i told them before, were asked back again by the panels. I was like, I TOLD YOU!

Then, we had some reflection session. Yes, I admitted that I didn't talk to much as the others but I do speak up. That's it! The interview end there. All the panels were so kind. They were really good at making us comfortable and they succeeded to make me less nervous especially in the interview session. Thank you!


Before going home, my Ibu drove us to TONY ROMAS. She said it was a treat for me as I had been brave  enough to go through the interview. Thank you Ibu. You always know how to make me happy back again. You're the best! :')

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Being selfish and breaking the promises.


"Aku punya!"

"Tapi, awak dah janji!"

Itu lah ayat yang selalu kita dengar dalam kehidupan seharian kita. tak kira lah keluar dari mulut si muda, ataupun yang sudah tua.

Okey, pernah tak korang duduk dengan orang yang kedekut dengan makanan, minuman atau barang-barang dia? Pernah tak? Pernah tak?

...and what about people who like to break their promises? Have you ever been through this kind of situation? Have you? What do you feel, think and react in this kind of situation?

Usually people would feel sad and betrayed. Would feel like want to punch him on his face and kick him out of the window. Ehh, so brutal mehh?

Tapi, macam mana kalau yang buat semua tu, KITA? Senang je.
  1. Kalau kita nak orang layan kita baik, kita sendiri pun kena layang diorang baik juga kan? What goes around, comes around. Apa yang kita buat kat orang, pasti akan dibalas balik kat kita. Satu lagi, people tend to react the way you reacted to them. So, do good. You'll get good things in return too.
  2. Kalau kita nak orang lain kongsi apa yang diorang ada dengan kita, kita pun kenalah kongsi barang kita juga. Janganlah kedekut sangat. tak ke mananya rezeki tu. Makin bertambah ada la. :)
  3. Kalau kita nak bahagi-bahagikan barang. Ada peraturan dia. Sorang kena bahagikan, yang sorang lagi boleh pilih dulu yang mana yang dia nak. Adil. Semua ambil bahagian dalam pembahagian kan?
  4. Kalau kita ada barang yang kita sayang sangat-sangat, jangan la tunjuk depan kawan kita tu. Kena pulak kawan kita tu jenis yang asal-sentuh-je-kompem-rosak. Haaa, padan la muka. Tak pun, ajar dia cara nak guna yang betul. InsyaAllah, selamat barang tu ha. ;)
Okey, macam mana pula kalau yang suka mungkir janji ni? Susah, memang susah! Macam ni la, pegang kata-kata ni. Janji sangat penting untuk ditepati kerana di sini lah terletaknya kepercayaan seseorang itu terhadap kita. Kalau kita nak orang percayakan kita, kita haruslah tunjukkan yang diri kita ini boleh dipercayai. Tak susah pon kan?

 Just be where you said you will be. Just do what you said you will do. Just give what you say you will give. One more, it is important to treat people the way you want to be treated back. What you gave, you will get back.

So, from now on lets try to be a good person. Change yourself from a self-centered, selfish person into an others-oriented, unselfish one and don't forget to always fulfill all your promises! Don't you ever make a promise which you think you can't do it. Okay?

Stop typing.