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Friday, 26 October 2012

I'm in Russia! ^o^


*koff koff* Wow, it has been a long time since my last update heh? Life has been so hectic all this time. Need to rush here and there. Phewww!

Ohh, by the way, I'm in Russia now! Actually, almost 1 month I've been here. Being to busy with some adaptation of life *lol

Everything is just fine. Even though it's autumn here, the weather is very cold. Temperature has always been lower than 5'C. Nahh, it's normal. :P

The hostel was just nice. There are hot and cold water. The weather is uncertain. It changes all the time. Sometimes it was so warm that I sweat a lot and sometimes it became so cold, causes me to shiver. Hew3! :3 So, hot water is always needed.

Ohhhhh! There's laundry service here! There are Mama who handle the laundry services. We only need to send our clothes in a laundry bag and leave them to Mama. Every 2 to 3 days, I will send my clothes to the laundry room. Ibu, your daughter is not washing her clothes by herself anymore. Ehehe.

When we talked about food, it is not really hard to find some. To find some fast food which is halal in this country is of course difficult. We can only eat pizza or burger or blin*Russian food which has only vegetables in it or only seafood product. As I have allergic towards some seafood, so I will have a narrower menu scope of fast food. :P

Here we have no one to cook for us. So, we have to cook by our self. If I refuse to cook, then I'll be left to death. No one will cook for you. You have to be more discipline and independent. By the way, I'm learning some new recipes from my roomate, Zai. She is a good cook and I'm a bad student. I have zero knowledge about cooking. Need to learn from the bottom. Wheww!

Key board locked. Bye! ;)