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Thursday, 16 February 2012

SPM Nightmares!


First dream.

This dream begins with the situation of I'm preparing to go the school to receive the SPM result. When I reached the school, I felt so sad because I didn't recieve any call from the school saying that I need to go to the other schol to receive the result. Usually, when someone score straight A+, they will need to receive the result at the other school.

I cried a lot in my dream and as I woke up, I realized my pillow was wet with tears. >_<"

Then, I remembered that our teachers wanted our school to be the place for the straight A+ students receive their results. So, maybe there's still hope. I quickly got down the car and looked around. Everyone was so happy.

I saw Niesa, Hafiz, Akmal, Adham and Nik. Everyone were here but they were so sad. Then, i got to know that our school did not manage to get any straight A+ students. My heart beat fast. However, there were many students who achieved straight As! Eventhough it was a good new, but for me it was still not good enough as I target to become one of the straight A+ student. *sigh...

After that, I entered the hall as if I was taking my result. My teacher mde a sad expression cause I didn't reach the target. I cried and cried and cried a lot till I loss my consciousness.

I woke up! Ohh, it was just a dream. I do hope that it would not come true. I can't bear it!

Second dream.

This dream also begin just the same as the first dream but it turned different at the moment I entered the hall. When I step my foot into the hall, there was a table. Sitting near to it were my ustazah and ustaz. On the table were a laptop, students' results and a few sets of PAI papers. They called me and gave my result. Ya Allah! 0_0"

The result was all straight A+ but only PAI, I got A!

What happened?

Ustazah said that I need 1 more marks in orther to get me an A+! Ya Allah, I was shaking a lot till my leg could not bear my own weight and i felt to the ground. Ustazah asked me to take my answer papers and check if there any possibilities for me to increase my marks.

It kind of weird. How come we can check back our papers by our own? Chill, it's just a dream! XD

After a few times looking through the answer paper, I couldn't find anything which can help me to increase my marks. *tears rolled again. T.T

Ustazah said, its okey. Just be redha. Sobs3! I got out of the hall and cried a river of tears. How couldn't I be so sad. Hoping to get straight A+ but end up with 8A+ only.

Then, I woke up!

That's it. I do hope that all those dream won't come true but why does it occurs twice? It's like a hint from Allah that I have to be prepared for something like this. Yes, prepared for the worse. >_<"

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