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Sunday, 12 May 2013

STIG-X 2013!


Wooaaa! It has been a long long long time since my last update ehh? When I looked at my post list, it was 15 April 2013. That was really old post. Lol. Actually there are a lot and lot and lot of stories that I wanted to write and post in this blog but I barely have enough time even for myself. *sigh*

Okey, lets proceed to our story today!

It's about STIG-X 2013. What is that? Is that some kind of food? No? Ohh, maybe it is a new discovered alien? Hehh. Of course not. *okey, it's not funny. -__- Actually, STIG-X stands for Stalingrad Intervarsity Games. Do you get that guys? Good. :)

This year, our university(VSMU) was chosen as the host. So, as a host, there were a lot of preparations need to be done. I saw that everyone was giving their most cooperation into this program. I was so glad and happy to see the strong bond between the students here. Good! *thumbs up*


VSMU was the winner! What? Yes, we're the winner! As I was experiencing this for the first time, this was really an extremely good story and memory to be shared and remembered. Seriously, we won a lot of events held. I am so happy. :)

Come, lets have a look at those pictures below. Lets go!

Around the battlefield. Basically, the places I had games.
Discussing the strategies!
My number is 65. Heee~ ;)
Obviously nervous face pretending to be very cool. :P
Cheer time! GO, GO, VOLGOOO! ^_^
Receiving orders from the judges. :)
The girl who is stretching her hands up is me! :3
This is the handball game. We lose with dignity. :')

As I played games but non of them win, so on the closing ceremony day, I was wearing a casual blouse cause I was not going to receive any medals. T__T

The loser! :P
With Alia on the left and Fara on the right. :)

Hot roommate, Zai (left) with cute Kak Akmal! :)
Again, roommate with Moscow-rians, Asma(left) and Anis(right).
Actually there were a lot of pictures taken during this three days program. However, I am too lazy to take and share all those pictures from the seniors and friends. Hew3! :3 So, if you want to see more pictures, do have a look on my profile in FB. :)

However, I am so happy to be involved in this program and game even though I had contributed nothing. I only played some games and our team didn't win the battle. I do feel like I'm the reason of the failure. I'm the loser!

Never mind, I still have time as I wll join this for 5 years more. Will try again next year and this time I will come back at least with 1 medal. I will! *fiery eyes*

For all the athletes who won, congratulations for your success. For those who were not lucky enough, try your luck next year. InsyaAllah. The result is just nothing. What is more important is the effort you put in order to achieve the success. There must be a reason behinds anything that happened right? Who knows?

For sure, Allah is the best planner and will always be the best. He'll gives you the best among the best. Thank you, Allah! :')

* * * * * *

Next entry would be about how I spent my two weeks holiday? I promise you it would be a very long one with a few parts. :3

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