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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Because of something I found something.


Lately, there's something bothering me. Something I can't describe it literally. It's like something that is flying in your mind, running in your vein. Something that you know it is actually there yet you just do not know what it is. You feel it but you can't 'see' it.

That something had made my life worse and worse and worse. I couldn't sleep well these few nights. I lost my appetite(not all actually). I'm not interested in anything. Neither study, food, holidays, movies, friends nor my beloved one there in Malaysia. Like seriously, what is happening to me?


Just now, I found this one beautiful video and I watched it. As I watched it, I felt like crying. It really touched my deep-deepest heart. I can't say that the video is excellent but it really gave me something when actually my heart was empty.

I do hope that you guys can spent 5 minutes and 27 seconds of your life to watch this video till the end.

Please, please, please...

source: Facebook JomBorak 
Credit to Zai for sharing it on the first place. Thank you.

Have you watched the video? How is it? Is it good? Do you feel something in your heart, in the deep-deepest heart?

Worth watch right? Huuuu~

No comment from me about the video. Cause you too know how its feel and you know what to do now? Good. The only thing now are how do you want to start and when it is?

Come on! There's not enough time left. Let's move!

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