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Aman tanpa perang,
Ammanda Elydia.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


I believe that everyone has felt this way.
Not being GOOD enough.

Let me tell you something.
The feeling of not being good enough is both a GIFT and a CURSE.

It's good because you will keep on pushing yourself to become BETTER.
You will PRESERVE, you will IMPROVE.

It's bad because you will keep on comparing other's works to yours.
And what's worse, you compare YOURSELF.
You will start losing motivation bacause you think you cannot live up to that kind of TALENT.

"I'm not as TALENTED as you are."


The only thing that's limiting you is your ATTITUDE.
Stop COMPARING yourself and start DEVELOPING yourself.
Because you will come to a time when you no longer worry about whether or not your works are good.
Your talent will come out NATURALLY eventually.
Be patient. Always practice. NEVER GIVE UP.

No one starts GREAT.

We all have to WORK HARD to get to where we want to be.
Believe in yourself.


* * * * *

Found this somewhere in FB, and would love to share it here so that one day if I ever feel this way again, I know where to find this kind of motivation again.

Thank you to the author, all credits go to you. :)

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