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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

AXIATA Young Talent Program.


This was the experience I gained during the program.

Axiata YTP. Can't really believe myself as I succeeded to be one of the participant of this high prestiged scholarship program. Before, when I was filling up the form, I didn't expect that I will get the offer as I'm not very good in English. I kept thinking whether I was fit enough for the scholarship but i tried my best.

On the day, I wear a slack bottom and my ibu's shirt, a black scarf and a pair of 'kasut raya'. I stepped into the building with full of spirit. Then, the fire was gone. I looked at others. They look really smart physically and mentally. I told my ibu, "Ibu, let's go home. I don't feel well." HAHA XD

At the registration site, Imet someone with the same nama as mine. Amanda. After settling the registration, we moved to the next session.

We watched 2 videos telling us about AXIATA as not many people know about them. Some of the people thought that Axiata is and insurance country. Aigoo~ The show was quiet boring as I kept yawning a few times during the show. :P However, the video was really good as I already know who is Axiata now.

Then, there was English test. There were compositions, idioms, PH words and a few more. It was quite hard, but I still can answered them even though the time given was only 1 hour. -__-"

Then, we continued with Mathematics test. The questions were like the Additional Mathematics we learnt in form 5. LOL. I couldn't recall any formulas so, I just managed to answer the log question only.

After a good lunch, we had an IQ test. I love this test. There were all 5 sets of question. The time given was very-very-very short. 50 question in 30 seconds. Hehh. I couldn't finish the test. In this test, we must always remembered that "Speed is as important as accuracy."

As all the test had been done, we are allowed to go and back home. I was so happy as there were no interview session. The interview would be at the next stage after the Axiata group announced the students selected.

 Sorry as there is no tips given as I think I'm not good at those activities held.

May Allah help me throughthe hardships. :')

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